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Featured Home Improvement Articles

"Bathroom Remodeling"

Many people are remodeling their bathroom to enjoy the comforts of a new bathroom and make a sound investment in their home. It is important to plan out a bathroom renovation before starting any work. When planning your remodeling project, there are a host of things to consider in your new bathroom.

"5 Misconceptions about Home Improvement"

There are some myths making the rounds these days about home improvement. From when you should do it, where to get the best prices, and what to improve, these misconceptions can cost you money. You should know the facts before coming to your own conclusions about home improvements.

"Improving your Home"

Many homeowners are stuck with the conundrum of whether to move or to renovate. This is usually brought on by an increase in the size of the family or a change in circumstances where a large space is needed. There is always the option of moving to a larger place but his brings up many issues including location, time and money.

"Home Improvement for Dollars"

Most financial advisors agree that one of the best long-term investments you can make is to own a home. Even in depressed markets buying a home makes sound financial sense because some or most of the money paid every month goes to paying off the homes whereas with renting the money is gone into the landlord's pocket. And the...